Your baby has these symptoms, but no diagnosis. What should you do?

You may recall that there were issues during your labor and delivery. Your baby may have been blue in color when he or she first arrived. There may have been a delay before your baby took his first breath or before you heard her first cry. Your baby may have had seizures and was rushed to the NICU.

You had an uneventful pregnancy and complications arose during your labor and delivery. Since then, your baby has experienced numerous challenges, in addition to some of the symptoms above. Also, you have taken your baby to every appointment and specialist that has been suggested to you and you still do not know what is going on with your baby. With these symptoms and no diagnosis, this is what you may consider in order to get a little peace of mind.


When you are at a crossroads and do not know what to do next you may want to consider getting your medical records. You can obtain your OB/GYN records, as well as the labor and delivery records for yourself AND your baby. Be sure to also request a copy of the fetal heart strips. The strips will show whether your baby faced any or to what degree, stress during labor.

The records will alert anyone reviewing them if something may have been missed during your pregnancy. For example: maternal high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or placental issues, among other things.

Now that you have your medical records, you can start to search for specialist that may be able to offer you a second opinion. A second opinion can let you know if your baby has an undiagnosed condition.

HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is caused by a disruption of oxygen flow to the baby’s brain. There can be various causes. However, a solution in some instances could be an emergency c-section.

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