A vaginal birth after C-section or VBAC, occurs when a baby is birthed by vaginal birth following a previous C-section birth. A VBAC can be fairly common, and more people are opting for a VBAC.

In the case of an HIE diagnosis following an attempted VBAC, where problems can occur for example, is when there is a uterine rupture. Uterine ruptures can, in rare instances happen with an attempted VBAC.

Why Vaginal Birth After C-Section?

One reason why a vaginal birth might be attempted following a previous C-section is because future births may be in the forecast, and this prevents multiple future surgeries. Remember, a C-section is a surgery and must be treated as such. This means that healing can be longer and requires typical surgery precautions.

Secondly, for some mothers, a vaginal birthing experience is important to them, thus allowing them to dictate their birthing plan and experience. For certain mothers, holistic birthing experiences are paramount and bring joy and closeness to the experience.

Uterine Rupture, VBAC, & HIE

As mentioned above, a VBAC is a vaginal birth following a C-section. Not every woman is a good candidate for a VBAC. Therefore, it is imperative that a woman who is attempting a VBAC speak with her medical provider about the options available. Although complications are rare, they can still exist. One complication that can occur is a uterine rupture.

A uterine rupture is exactly what it sounds like. The uterus tears or rupture creating an emergency for not only mom but also the baby. Multiple complications can be associated with a uterine rupture namely hemorrhaging. When a mother is dealing with a condition like hemorrhaging this can in some instances negatively impact the baby.

HIE or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is a medical condition in which a reduction of blood and oxygen can lead to a brain injury. A uterine rupture is the type of situation that can lead to a reduction in blood and oxygen for the baby. This is why when a uterine rupture occurs it creates an emergency. For many women an emergency C-section is going to be called to deal with the rupture.

This is why it is imperative for women to talk with their medical professionals before attempting a vaginal birth following a C-section. Not all women are good candidates to attempt a vaginal birth following a C-section especially due to the risk of things like a uterine rupture.

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