Today we will discuss a traumatic brain injury at birth and the possible signs that can alert parents that a brain injury may have occurred. One type of traumatic brain injury that can be caused by a reduction of blood and oxygen is called HIE, or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. With that said, some families can notice certain things following delivery when their baby has suffered a brain injury.

Please remember that the topics I am covering today are not every possible sign that can suggest a brain injury. What I am covering are some of the more common signs reported to us when a family contacts us for a birth injury investigation into the cause of their baby’s traumatic brain injury.


Some families who have a baby who has suffered a brain injury might notice seizure activity immediately after birth or some time after birth. Seizures in our context are a type of abnormal brain activity. Seizures are not always the result of a type of birth trauma. In some cases, seizures can be caused by genetics and other developmental issues.

Discoloration & Floppy Limbs

Blood and oxygen problems can in some cases cause a baby to become discolored. The colors can range from a dark purplish color to a dark blue complexion. In some cases, discoloration might accompany low APGAR scores too.

As for limb issues, some children are reported to have floppy or flailing limbs. For some the exact opposite can be present and this consists of ridged or stiff limbs. Finally, in some severe instances, families report that their baby looked dead and had to be essentially brought back to life.

The Need For Oxygen

In our final category for the day, the need for oxygen, or resuscitation, be a possible sign of a baby suffering a traumatic brain injury. As was stated earlier, HIE can be caused by blood and oxygen disruptions, so a direct result of blood and oxygen problems during labor and delivery can create the need for resuscitation.

At the end of the day, your baby’s doctors will be able to explain to you whether your baby has suffered a traumatic brain injury. This can be done through the use certain medical tests and scans.    

Thank you for reading from your friends at HIE Resource Place.