The value of a second opinion and should you get one? This is a question that can be a struggle for some families after their baby has suffered a brain injury, namely an HIE injury, at birth. As one parent told me, “I want to trust what the doctors are saying but I am just not sure they are answering all of my questions.”

One of the reasons for us writing this post is to help families understand that at the end of the day, families must do what they think is ultimately in their best interest. If that is getting a second opinion, then that should be the way to go. If families do not think that they need a second opinion, then that is also an acceptable way to handle things.

The Value Of A Second Opinion And Why It Might Matter…

Because HIE is a type of traumatic brain injury, it can lead to certain challenges that a baby may experience early on, and into later in life. When this occurs, some families have lots of questions. From what may have caused this, to what might life look like for my family moving forward, to are there any cures or treatment options. All these questions, and more, are understandable for parents.

Where problems can occur is when it seems that the medical providers are not either as forthcoming with information or when it seems that the questions that parents may have go unanswered. These issues can place parents in hard situations and in some cases even have them questioning whether they are moving in the right direction with the current set of doctors for their child’s care.

As was mentioned above, at the end of the day, families must be ready to do what is in their best interest. If it seems other doctors will answer questions or provide more information, then there should be no setback for families taking this option.

Finally, the value of a second opinion can also be helpful at times because it can also confirm an initial diagnosis and treatment plan. On the other hand, a second opinion might also in some instances suggest other avenues of treatment.

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