Maternal trauma associated with an HIE birth is a topic that is rarely discussed. The idea for this topic came to us from the medical legal aspect of things. This is because in discussion with a birth trauma attorney, many mothers will divulge information that they may not express with other individuals, including close family members. In many instances the discussion surrounding a baby’s HIE diagnosis will key in on the trauma that the baby has suffered, and rightly so. With that said, it is also important to understand that many mothers will be impacted with trauma too.

One of the reasons we decided to share this video was due to an email in which a person reached out to us because of a mother struggling to except her baby’s HIE diagnosis. The trauma was so severe that the mother and her partner were exploring adoption options and how the mother could find motivation to be able to function day to day.

For this video we were fortunate to have Dr. Quintin Boston explain the mental health aspect that can be associated with maternal trauma associated with an HIE birth. Not only does he discuss the aspect of disability, but he also brings into focus the types of mental health professionals that can be of assistance for mothers struggling with this issue. In addition, he provides mothers with places online that they can use to find these professionals and the use of work and insurance resources to hire the best professional for the mother’s well-being. 

If you are aware of a mother or a family who is in desperate need of this information we ask that you share the embedded video in this post. Mothers who are dealing with this type of trauma need to know that there may be resources for them and that they do not need to struggle alone.

Thanks for reading from your friends at HIE Resource Place.