In this educational article and supporting video we will discuss 3 of the possible causes of a baby’s HIE injury. For many families, when their baby has suffered a traumatic brain injury like HIE many questions abound as to the possible cause of the injury. Because HIE injuries are rare families can find there’s not much lay person information as to this type of injury. 

At the conclusion of this article the reader should have a better understanding as to the three main categories that can contribute to a baby suffering this type of traumatic brain injury at birth.

What Is HIE?

HIE or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy occurs when there is a reduction in oxygenated blood which can lead a baby to suffer a brain injury. This type of injury can happen during pregnancy and it can happen during labor and delivery. Medical professionals, while reviewing certain medical records, can in some instances help narrow down when this type of brain injury may have occurred.

Genetic/Developmental Challenges

Genetic and developmental challenges are two of the most common causes of a baby suffering an HIE injury. Early things like genetic testing can in some instances uncover abnormalities and other issues which can contribute to a baby having a reduction in oxygenated blood which can lead to a brain injury. Knowing whether certain genetic issues are passed down through generations is important in understanding whether certain conditions may exist in a current pregnancy.

For example, if there are issues with the way a baby’s heart is developing during pregnancy these issues can in some instances impact the level of oxygenated blood being delivered to the baby. Some of these issues can be detected during pregnancy but unfortunately, some will not be discovered until birth.

Birth Trauma

Finally, birth trauma can in some instances cause a baby to suffer an HIE injury. By birth trauma we mean negligence on the part of the doctors nurses and hospital. One way this type of negligence can cause an injury is when the readings on the electronic fetal heart monitor reveal that a baby is no longer tolerating a vaginal delivery and for whatever reason the medical professionals miss this and it causes the baby to suffer a brain injury.

In conclusion, these 3 of the possible causes of a baby’s HIE injury are important for families to understand. We hope this article has given you more insight regarding the cause of a baby’s HIE injury and thank you for reading. 

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